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Depending on our clients’ needs and desires, we have a variety of offers from which they can choose. A summary of these offers can be seen below.

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What does it mean to have a structured, digital company? Is it the folder structure, the project management, the emails, or something else? 

Having a well-structured business means all of that and much more. It means to open your computer in the morning and know that everything is where it needs to be. It means your team works independently without needing to ask you. It means to enjoy the weekend without worries. It means to be able to get yourself out of the business when you feel like you want to.

In our services, we not only help you to clean things up. We work with you, your team, and your company to get to a place where the business works for you rather than against you.

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Workflows are something that everyone talks about, but few people know how to design them efficiently – until now.

Understanding and creating effective workflows is a skill in and of itself. It requires the ability to take a step back from the normal routine and zoom out to view the bigger picture. It’s not magic, but it’s something that’s best taught by example and then experienced for oneself.

Creating effective workflows will separate chaos from growth, and we’ll confidently place you on the winning team.



Most of us have this dream in mind to, one day, not have to work anymore. Even though this is not likely going to happen for everyone in the near future, it could happen in your company as soon as next week.

Automation is at the core of our work here at Workflowed, and is also what differentiates us by far from anyone else. Once the efficient structure is created, the right tools implemented and everything set up in the right way, automation will make sure that you have to do the least amount possible manually. How this can look you’ll see in the video.

This “simple” automation alone saves our customers consistently already up to $2000 dollar a month of costs, while working better than any human could.

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We are here to consult you, talk about your challenges, and suggest you, based on our international experience, the best possible solutions for your specific situation.


Our Academy puts all our knowledge in an easy-to-understand guided path, accessible at your own pace, combined with a community to ask questions and help others.

1-on-1 Service

In our 1-on-1 done-for-you service, we will take the time to fully understand your current business structures, build new workflows, automate as much as possible and build custom solutions. 

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